STROBE-nut ontology

Using the STROBE-nut reporting items, an Ontology for Nutritional Epidemiology (ONE) was developed by the UGent team.  ONE is developed to enable Semantic Web technologies (e.g. SPARQL, SWRL/SQWRL, RIF, etc.) and achieve FAIR principles in nutrition research. 

✔ ONE provides a set of concepts in nutritional epidemiology, and shows the relations between them;

✔ ONE leverages computational power to find data and studies;

✔ ONE enables both human reading and computer processing;

✔ ONE enables the development of interoperable data systems and queries for nutritional epidemiology. It enables unified and detailed study/data annotations from different aspects, and the linkages between different terminologies/ontologies (e.g. MeSH terms, etc.), to strengthen its feasibility for study/data search.

ONE is also available on: BioPortal, Obofoundry, Elixir OLS, OntobeeAberOWL Repository and Github.

Ontology for Nutritional Epidemiology

Ontology name Ontology for Nutritional Epidemiology
Acronym ONE
Released First release 09/12/2018, updated on 1/11/2020
Contact Chen Yang (Chen.Yang (at); Carl Lachat (Carl.Lachat (at)
Version V2.0